We can design a furnace for your requirements, please get in touch to see how we can help.  Various configurations and sizes from as small as 0.5 m cube upto 6 m x 4 m horizontal and 3 m column -250 tonne loading have been supplied to clients in the past.

Bespoke control systems offer long term reliability demonstrated by the thousands of fire resistance tests done every year using it. The system gives the largest customer base for fire resistance testing in the world and a continuous development program which allows regular software updates to both add features and retain compatibility with new operating systems and computer design.

Our systems are designed to integrate with all requirements of modern fire resistance testing. This includes wireless network provision which allows anyone with permission to view test information anywhere in the laboratory. Still and video cameras can also feed information to the logging system. Temperature data can be overlaid on to actual images of the test specimen in real time. Temperature and other data can even be projected onto the specimen surface. Wifi capable PDAs and notebooks can also be used to monitor test information anywhere within the laboratory and additional systems can be provided to allow remote monitoring of the test over the internet. Furnace Construction Company constantly develops its systems to utilise the latest benefits offered by new technology.