Our data logging systems are specifically designed to stand the rigors of a busy fire resistance schedule.

Every input channel can be software set for input range, linearization, rescale etc. to enable a large range of measurement transducers to be used in any order.

Each channel is fitted with protection filters to withstand the potential static charges which can be created in fire test specimens and sampling times can be adjusted to maximise noise rejection. Measurements are made using 24 bit converters with a maximum resolution of 0.001mV.

The units interface to the computer system via an optically isolated RS485 multi drop network and up to 256 units can be linked via single twisted pair cable over distances of many  kilometers.

Channel expansion is unlimited and can be supplied in fixed, portable and mobile format in units of 60 channels.

Initially  1 mobile 60 channel boxes will be provided which can be positioned around the furnaces as required. Housed in robust splash proof enclosures with stainless steel mobile frames the units run at 24VDC and are powered through their data cables.