Furnace Construction Company Ltd was founded in 1966, by Mr E Hough and Mr K Morgan they assembled a team of furnace engineers, graduates of Britains major furnace builders, with extensive experience in every aspect of furnace design and control.  The first works was opened at Belle vue, in Manchester moving to its current location in Hyde in 1973. 


Entrenched in engineering design, the companies ability to produce specialised Furnaces and Cremators for demanding applications was soon recognised, first of all in the United Kingdom and progressively across the world.  Some early industrial furnaces designed and produced by the company can be seen in the photographs.

Rapid recognition of the companies skills and flair for innovation quickly attracted such major clients as Rolls Royce, I.C.I, Corus, B.P Chemicals, GKN, The Morganite Group and many other important customers.

Furnace Construction produce all types of furnaces and high temperature kilns and are world leaders in the specialised field of fire resistance testing.

Yet another field taking advantage of the companies expertise is the production of ceramics for the engineering and electronics industry. A number of large kilns operating at temperatures up to 1750°C have been installed around the world.

1975 saw the companies first involvement with the British Cremation Movement, which led to the introduction in 1980 of the ‘Newton’ cremator, the first in the World to feature fully computerised control, followed in 1996 by the ‘ Joule’ Cremator. Since then over 400 ‘Newton’ and ‘Joule’ cremators have been installed. In 2010 the cremator division of the company became part of the Matthews International Cremator Division.

Furnace Construction’s previous experience and its continuous thirst for new developments and business opportunities ensures the success of the company.